Learn How to Inspire Others to Give What You Want

Wouldn't you love to have the ability to persuade and influence your customers to want to buy, buy, buy? Would you like to know how to sell anything to anyone at any time? Can you imagine using the tools strategies and communication techniques of politicians, superstar sales people and other professional persuaders?


With Marshall Sylver's The Secrets of Persuasion & Influence™ you can use their techniques quickly and easily with this cutting edge system!

...What if your competitors knew these skills and you didn't? Skills of Power for sales and non-sales types alike!

This Powerful Marshall Sylver Subconscious Training System Includes:

marshall 6 CD's: These cd's are specifically designed to both teach and program you on a
subconscious level to use the information easily and readily.
marshall 1 full length workbook: This workbook contains sample scripts that will jet start
your sales and help you create charismatically magnetic presentations. The workbook
gives you fast reference to keep you sharp and allow you to reinforce these tools and
techniques quickly.

CD 1– Challenging You To Commit:
Will you make it or won't you. Communication = Wealth: Inspiring your way to riches.

CD 2– Eliciting Outcome:
How to learn what your customer really wants. Beginning Your Persuasion Presentation: How to get their permission to be persuaded.

CD 3– Power Persuasion Techniques:
Making the customer want what you sell. More Power Persuasion Techniques: Making them ASK for what you are selling.

CD 4– Get 'Em To Say Yes Darn Ya'!:
Doing your customer a favor by selling to them. Then Do It Again: They deserve what you're offering.

CD 5– What Do You Mean They Said No?:
It's going to happen sometimes - Deal with it! No Way To Resist You Now: Having fun with dealing with rejections.

CD 6– Instant Persuasion Confidence:
Positive affirmations for power! Program Your Subconscious: Powerful programming for success!

The Secrets of Persuasion & Influence™ is Created by The Greatest Hypnotist of All Time, Marshall Sylver! Marshall's highly effective cutting edge mind technologies have helped thousands of people focus and change the self sabotaging programs of their subconscious minds.

In addition, his sales and motivational programs have empowered thousands to achieve financial emotional and spiritual wealth. A dynamic speaker, Marshall Sylver entertains, energizes and enlightens people to reach their own peak potential. Marshall has appeared on David Letterman, Howard Stern, Rosie O'Donnell, Montel Williams, and numerous other television and radio programs. He is a featured keynote speaker sharing the stage with such personalities as Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki. He is also the star and Executive Producer of the movie Tranced: A Movie That Hypnotizes You!

Marshall has taught top producers from IBM, Xerox, Ford Motor Company, and more, Now you can train up close and in person with Marshall Sylver, trainer to millionaires past, present, and future!

The Marshall Sylver Secrets of Persuasion & Influence™ is a fully integrated learning system designed to quickly empower you with the skills of persuasion and influence. This program is so POWERFUL we trust you'll let your conscience be your guide!

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